Kernel of Truth

Today’s Featured Author is Kristi Abbott.

The setting for this Cozy Mystery is in Grand Lake, Ohio.

After a difficult child hood and a failed marriage, Rebecca, decided to move back to her former home in Grand Lake to start a new life.  Her mentor, the fudge lady, offered to help her open a Pop Corn Shop near her chocolate shop.

In a robbery gone wrong her friend, part time assistant, and owner of the chocolate shop next door was murdered.  Rebecca’s brother-in-law, the local sheriff, thinks she may have had some involvement in the murder. Rebecca along with Sprocket, her poodle, are determined to find her killer before she lands in jail.

A great light read with a few gourmet popcorn recipes at the end of the book.  Just in time for Christmas 😊

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The Cats that Played the Market

Todays Featured Author is Karen Anne Golden.

The setting for this story is Erie, Indiana.

Katherine became an overnight multi-millionaire after inheriting her great Aunt Orvenia’s estate.  In addition to the money she received from the estate, she also inherited her Aunt’s pink Victorian mansion and her cat.

Shortly after Katherine moved into her new home in Erie, a dead body shows up in town and she tries to clear her friend of murder.  While searching for clues, all five of her mischievous, curious, and compelling cats try help her solve the mystery.

If you love cats, you’ll love this book.

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Murder Is Binding

Today’s Featured Author is Lorna Barrett.

The setting for this story is Stoneham, New Hampshire.

A local developer initiated a campaign to invite new entrepreneurs to open multiple one-of-a-kind specialty bookstores to stimulate the economy and increase tourist traffic in the ‘Safest Town in New Hampshire.’

Looking for a change of scenery, Tricia moved to Stoneham to open a Mystery Bookstore.  While taking her sister on a tour of the new revitalization effort, Tricia finds her new next-door neighbor dead.

This is one of those books that you will either love or hate almost immediately.  If you get excited when you see a bookstore, then I think you will enjoy this read.  The draw for me was the one of a kind Mystery Book Store, I would LOVE to find just one of those 😊

Did I also mention that the protagonist in this story also has a Cat named Miss Marple?

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Demise in Denim

Today’s Featured Author is Duffy Brown. 

The setting for this story is in Savannah, Georgia.

Reagan Summerside owns the Prissy Fox Consignment shop that she operates from the first floor of her well-loved Victorian home.  Reagan unexpectedly finds herself trying to clear her ex-husbands lawyer from being prosecuted for murdering his father that was found dead in his bathtub.  While trying to exonerate the ex’s lawyer, she surprisingly gains a new house guest in the attic.

This is one of those books that you just won’t be able to put down until you finish it.  There are more twists and turns in this book than a back road in the country.  I will be surprised if you can guess who the murderer was before the very end of the book.

A crazy, laughable, cast, a brilliant Southern setting, an iconic ’57 Chevy, a pink scooter named Princess, and a hot dog loving dog named Bruce Willis.  Now, if that doesn’t peak your interest in this book, then you might not be a Cozy Mystery lover after all 😊

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Lights, Camera, Murder

Todays Featured Author is Nikki Haverstock.

The setting for this book is in Fishcreek Falls in the Rocky Mountains.

Having never watched a reality show, as they don’t appeal to me, this book sparked my curiosity enough to pick it up.  That being said, the basis for this cozy mystery is a reality TV show.

Melissa McBallister, the daughter of an acclaimed author, has a dream of being just like her mom.  Frustrated with doing ghostwriting for other writers, she unexpectedly gets an offer to join a reality show.

While filming the show at her family’s ranch, Melissa was found with a co-worker’s dead body and then targeted for her murder.  Will her short-term stint on the reality show kill her fledgling writing career?

An adorable coffee loving dog, a unique backdrop for a cozy mystery, and just a little romance makes this book a fun read.

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Murder at Catmmanndo Mountain

Today’s Featured Author is Anna Celeste Burke.

The setting for this story is in Orange County, California.

Georgie Shaw, after working for the Arcadia Theme Park for 25 years, was recently promoted to the position of Assistant Director of Public Relations for Catmanndo Tom the cartoon cat.

On Valentine’s day the Food and Beverage director of the Arcadia theme park was found dead near one of the rides.  Having previously worked in the food and beverage department, Georgie was the first to be accused of the murder of her old boss.

This cozy mystery not only has a fun and unique theme, but also has a good-looking detective, a well adored Siamese cat that rules the house, and recipes.

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