The Big Blue Purse

Today you will get to watch and hear a Cozy Mystery unfold. If you're having a bad day, a good day or anything in between this post is for you! Earlier today I received a text message from one of our children. There was a You Tube video attached to the text. As you know I'm more into books rather than texting, and You Tube is not something that I normally use either, but I had to check it out. Understand that the video was so small and the sound was so low on my big blue cell phone I had to hunt down the video on You Tube to view it on my BIG computer monitor. That should give you just enough back ground to get you to check it out. I laughed until I cried and then had to go back and watch it again. Actually twice to be sure I didn't miss anything:) Since I'm a Mom and probably about the same age as Mike Rowe's mother is I can totally relate to everything she said. Please just check the video out, I think Mike's Mom has just found a new career writing Cozy Mystery books because today, she totally nailed it with her letter. Here is the link to the video online. Its about 10 minutes long so get comfy:
Let me know what you think.

New Book and Author Review

A week or so ago I read a report about the current popularity of Cozy Mystery Books. While reviewing the report I found a new and interesting author. This author’s books seem to be specific to the short read category versus the standard long read cozies. Of course the report was not just about her books, but the cover and title of the book sparked my interest, so I decided to try to buy it and try it.
I found the book to be very entertaining. I was pleasantly surprised as the authors writing style is a bit different from what I normally read. It was an overall typical cozy only shorter. A light read with situations that were so believable and cute there were several smile and laugh out loud moments.
If you’re looking for a good, clean, fun cozy, I think you’ll like this one: “A Vacation to Die For” by PBodi. After I read the book I realized it was part of a series of 6 books so I also purchased the box boxed set. I found the other books to be just as entertaining as the first one I read. Let me know what you think about the book :)
Below is the link to A Vacation to Die For:

I know some of you may prefer a longer read, so I'm also attaching a link to the boxed set just in case you'd rather take a chance on all 6 books at once: