The Body in Davy Jones' Locker

Today’s Featured Author is Elizabeth Crabtree

Elizabeth Crabtree The Body in Davy Jones' Locker (A Grace Holliday Cozy Mystery Book 7)

A honeymoon cruise to a private island in the Caribbean suddenly turns into a murder investigation after a magician makes a passenger disappear.
Dead bodies continue to show up throughout the cruise while the newlyweds are stuck with a ship full of out of peculiar passengers.

Fun characters, a great read, and priced just right for today :)

Check out The Body In Davy Jones’ Locker here:

Dead Bath and Beyond

Todays Featured Author is Lorraine Bartlett.

The main character, Katie, owns and operates a business called Artisan Alley where she rents booths to local artists with hand-crafted artistry in a building that was formerly a warehouse.

While out at the lake for a day of sailing with a friend, Katie found herself face to face with her former boss from the insurance agency she worked at prior to opening Artisan Alley.

Katie and her former-boss really never got along when she worked for him. They were frequently at odds with each other even before she decided to quit.

Fortuitously, their encounter erupted into a rather unpleasant scene between the two of them at the marina. Later, her ex-boss was found dead at a local B & B where he was temporarily staying.

This is a well written book with lots of suspects to keep you guessing. There is also a little surprise at the end, recipes!

Check out Dead Bath and Beyond here:

A Side Order Of Deception

Today’s Featured Author is Constance Barker.

Today’s book will be a little different from most as there is no one murdered (per se) in this book.  There is a dead body, and a little romance, and a whole lot of fun characters.  Funny, entertaining, and a great book to start a weekend or vacation.

The main character in this book owns the local diner in a small town named Paint Creek .  It’s time for the annual rodeo and all the colorful characters from Paint Creek will have you feeling like you’re right there with them.  They’ll certainly leave you laughing out loud, and wanting more. 

Love this book, hope you will too.

Read it here:

Family Friends and Foes

Todays Featured Author is Hope Callaghan.

This book certainly has all the elements for a great cozy mystery book -  a wedding, a honeymoon in a tropical paradise, a recipe, and dead body what else is there?

The protagonist in this book is the activities director on a cruise ship that also just happens to be engaged to the captain of the ship.  She and her future husband will have their wedding aboard the ship with the plan to honeymoon at a tropical luxury resort.  What could possibly go wrong?

Read here to find out:

Strange Outfit

Today’s Featured Author is Mary Hiker.

Todays book features a Golden Retriever rescue dog named Chevy that loves butterflies.  He has such a sweet personality, it’s impossible not to love him.

The protagonist in this story is a rescue dog trainer who has only had one dog that failed training. Can you guess who that was?  Chevy of course. Although he embarrassed his trainer when he failed his search and rescue training, he shows her that he’s more than capable of helping her solve a murder mystery.  There is some violence in this story.

Check out Strange Outfit here:

A Dog Detective Series

Today’s Featured Author is Sandra Baublitz.

For the dog lovers in our audience, here is a boxed set collection of 5 short stories with a trouble making Saint Bernard.

The amateur sleuth in this series is a freelance writer with an adorable Saint Bernard nick-named Paw that loves to dig.

These are short, clean, charming light-read cozy mystery books.

A Dog Detective Short Story Collection: A Dog Detective Series
Book 1 The Mystery of the Blue Dolphins
Book 2 The Mystery of Aunt Carol’s Disappearance
Book 3 The Mystery of the Body in the Shed
Book 4 The Mystery of the Missing Bear
Book 5 The Mystery of the Missing Actor

Check out A Dog Detective Short Story Collection:

Halloween Candy With A Side Of Murder

Today’s Featured Author is Meredith Potts.

Holiday themed book for Halloween.  The main character owns and operates a local small-town coffee shop in the small town of Treasure cove.  After the murder of one her regular customer’s her boyfriend, who is a local Police Detective, asks her to help him investigate.  It’s  a short, cute, clean cozy mystery. 

Check out:  Halloween Candy With A Side Of Murder (Daley Buzz Cozy Mystery Book 6) here:

Lending a Paw

Today’s Featured Author is Laurie Cass.

I think today’s book will be a huge hit with all the cat fans in the audience. This story is set in a small town in the state of Michigan.  The main character operates a mobile book library in Michigan together with a stray cat she adopted and named Eddie.  Together they tour the countryside visiting all the small towns where the residents don’t have access to a library.

I also just adore the bookcover :)

Check out Lending a Paw: A Bookmobile Cat Mystery (Bookmobile Cat Mysteries Book 1) 

Murder on the SS Rosa

Today’s Featured Author is Lee Strauss.

Set in the 1920 era, this book is exactly what you would expect from clean cozy mystery.   The main character in this story takes a cruise to cross the Atlantic with a friend. 

The story is true to the era and is written with all the elements you expect from a British cozy mystery including enjoyable characters, a little fashion, and a little intrigue.

Check out Murder on the SS Rosa: a cozy historical mystery - a novella (A Ginger Gold Mystery Book 1) here:

A High End Finish

Today’s Feature Author is Kate Carlisle. 

This writer is a California native.  If you enjoy women sleuth’s with a gaggle of other women, then this is the book for you.  

The protagonist in this story is a female contractor that specializes in remodeling Victorian homes, which are my personal favorite of course.   

All of her books are set in the beautiful northern California area with scene settings that are simply breathtaking. 

Check it out here: 

Dune, Dock, and a Dead Man

Todays Featured Author is Carolyn L. Dean.

This cozy mystery series is based in a small northwest town in the Oregon Beach area.

Dune, Dock and a Dead Man is a light hearted read with adorable characters that you will easily view as friends.  The book also has just a sprinkle of romance, a touch of mob involvement, and a cat.  All the elements for a great cozy mystery read.

Oh, did I mention that it also has a few recipes too?  Check it out here:

Creamy Pumpkin Killer

Today’s Featured Author is Summer Prescott. 

Just in time for Halloween!  Pumpkin cupcakes are one of my favorite seasonal delights, especially with a Starbucks Pumpkin flavored coffee :)  

The characters in this book are easy to fall in love with as they're fun and easy to identify with as they face real life issues.  Just one word of warning though, this book may leave you in tears by the time you finish.  All said, this is a great book and great series.

Check it out here:

A Crime Of Passion Fruit

Todays featured author is Ellie Alexander. 

A trip to a tropical paradise, a little romance, a little murder, and a little pastry, what else could you ask for? 

This is a great whodunit cozy mystery, check it out:

Cream Puff Killer

Today's Featured Author is Leighann Dobbs. I absolutely love this author! She is probably one of the best at her craft of creating a read worthy, fun, exciting mystery. I especially love her Lexy Baker Cozy Mystery series.

If you have a love for pastries of all types and have a need to see some fun and lively senior sleuths, this is the series for you.

I’ve read ‘em all there isn’t a bad one in the bunch.

Star Spangled Murder

Today we are showcasing another relatively new author, Amy Curry. Amy has two books out in the Cozy Mystery Genre. Spring Blossoms Murder and Star Spangled Murder.

Amy's southern charm comes through loud and clear in her books. These are clean reads with a lot of fun and cleverly written with a great sense of humor as well. Below is her newest book, I think you'll like it :)