Lights, Camera, Murder

Todays Featured Author is Nikki Haverstock.

The setting for this book is in Fishcreek Falls in the Rocky Mountains.

Having never watched a reality show, as they don’t appeal to me, this book sparked my curiosity enough to pick it up.  That being said, the basis for this cozy mystery is a reality TV show.

Melissa McBallister, the daughter of an acclaimed author, has a dream of being just like her mom.  Frustrated with doing ghostwriting for other writers, she unexpectedly gets an offer to join a reality show.

While filming the show at her family’s ranch, Melissa was found with a co-worker’s dead body and then targeted for her murder.  Will her short-term stint on the reality show kill her fledgling writing career?

An adorable coffee loving dog, a unique backdrop for a cozy mystery, and just a little romance makes this book a fun read.

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